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Food Stylist: Ruth Gangbar

Ruth Gangbar headshotLet’s park the professional credentials for a moment and start with the fact that Ruth Gangbar is an unabashed force of nature. A relentlessly gregarious and thoroughly connected fount of knowledge who just happens to be at the top of her game as a professional food stylist. Sure, she’s fanatical about the details but that’s why the likes of Cottage Life, the LCBO’s Food & Drink, Sobey’s and Chatelaine have her on the speed dial. It’s also why chefs Mark McEwan (Great Food at Home and Fabbrica) and Elizabeth Pulker (Farm to Table Breakfasts) have enlisted her services for their cookbooks, knowing their food will inevitably look stunning. As someone who has established herself in the County for the past 15 years, she’ll likely reveal the secrets of making mashed potatoes perfectly steam for a shot or what’s behind the notoriously daring pizza slice ‘cheese pull’ if you ask her, but she’s more liable to let you in on where to locate the sweetest, the freshest, the tastiest, and yes, the most picture perfect of whatever your appetite is needing. Get to know Ruth a bit more at her website.


Photographer: Christopher Gentile

Christopher GentileCast your memory back to that old timey stereotype of the Hollywood director, complete with megaphone, jodhpurs, beret, riding crop and mid-Atlantic accent. Got it? Now wipe it thoroughly from your mind because photographer and commercial director Christopher Gentile is the complete antithesis of that image. Born and raised in the County, Christopher embarked on his career in the film industry over 30 years ago, first developing his craft as a commercial director before pursuing his photography business in recent years. He brings a keen eye, a creative soul and boundless enthusiasm to his work, preferring to take a hands-on approach to the profession, so he doesn’t hesitate to get into all aspects of his shoots, including lighting design, cinematography, propping and more. Sure, that endless gusto he brings to every shoot may have been grounds for prescribing pharmaceuticals if he were born in a more recent generation, but far and away his colleagues find his energy delightfully infectious. And if not capturing life through a lens, then you’re certain to find him living it large at his County getaway, ripping up the bay in his boat or windsurfer – and more methodically on his paddleboard – or dealing with life’s more existential questions, such as why so many people like to smack a little white ball around a field and get it into a hole. Check out his portfolio at www.christophergentile.ca.


Designer: Tim Snyder

Tim SnyderDon’t blame the likes of Tim Snyder for making the sum of your creative accomplishments feel like you’re still fumbling with your first set of Crayolas. Yes, as his rap sheet spells out in lengthy detail, he’s accomplished. His work spans animation, illustration, editorial cartooning, design, directing and even sculpting. Really… sculpting. Not to twist the knife in any deeper, but his animation and directing work has screened on CBS, PBS, Playhouse Disney, Teletoon, Family Channel, Nick at Night and who knows where else around the globe. Such is the plight of the perpetually creative. He’s prolific and damn if he weren’t humble about his exploits, too. Sure, he could keep parlaying that experience into a fast-paced urban life cranking out shows for the masses, but no, he opts to retreat to the County with his family, eventually opening up his newest concern, Ton-Up Creative, a graphic design studio. Want to check on those qualifications? Check his site tonup.ca for a closer look.