Side Dish

Occasionally we get together to work on projects that aren’t necessarily food related. Such was the case November 25th, 2014, when Ruth Gangbar, Christopher Gentile and myself (Tim Snyder) gathered together for a full day Winter Survival Workshop, hosted by PELA CFDC, the Small Business Centre and the County’s Community Development Department.

The workshop had about 25 participants from a wide variety of businesses all around Prince Edward County, who’s wares included: baked goods, glassware and medals, soaps and creams, lip balms and lotions, antiques, makeup bags, etc. Participants were treated to demonstrations of camera set-ups, staging, lighting, use of background props and layout & design. They were then split into small groups to get their hands dirty and practice new techniques.

Images below are works-in-progress and behind the scenes shots of this workshop.